I’m a community development professional with fourteen years of experience under my belt. I’ve excelled in the area of community engagement and have established a vibrant social media presence. In October 2011, my passion for my home borough, the Bronx sparked me to found Bronx Movers and Shakers (BMAS), a discussion group of the Boogie Down Who’s Who and it’s subsidiary, BronxCentric!, a website full of resources, curated blog posts, and one-stop shopping for all things BX. My vision was to connect Bronxites of all walks of life, advocate for the community, and to promote all our borough has to offer.

Getting my start in client-based social services, upon establishing BMAS I soon learned my interests and talents lied more in social media, blogging, and photography. In February 2012, I joined South Bronx Unite, a grassroots coalition of community members who oppose the use of $130 million tax dollars to relocate FreshDirect to Harlem River Yards in Port Morris. The three year battle has brought issues of asthma, environmental racism, ecology, and economic development into the arena. I co-administer the social media presence for SBU and have used my web experience as a stepping stone to transition to the communications aspect of the non-profit world.

Shannon Lee Gilstad Media recognizes the importance of technology in activism and making change. I’ve lead and assisted in numerous petitions and campaigns directed towards elected officials surrounding such issues as police brutality, landmark preservation, transportation, and the perception of my beloved borough, the Bronx. I’ve achieved success and now want to assist you in leveraging the power of social media and design to attain your goals.

In addition to activism, I’m an avid traveler and foodie who relishes in photographing her experiences. Whether it be water lotuses at New York Botanical Gardens, mountains and colonial Spanish architecture in Colombia’s coffee belt, or traditional Italian pastries and dishes in Rome and Florence, I use my eye and Canon camera to tell my stories.

Now let me help you tell yours.

– Shannon Lee Gilstad


Unemployed or looking to change careers? Need to learn about social media? Want your own blog or website?

I offer assistance with the following:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogger, LinkedIn, and more
    • Page/profile set up
  • Custom e-mails signature
  • E-Newsletters (MailChimp and Constant Contact)
  • WordPress setup and integration
  • Social media-blog/website integration
  • Blog/websites: Account set up (i.e., Blogger, WordPress) and tutoring
  • Resumes and cover letter writing and editing
  • Digital photography